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If you have a piece of property you want to sell, but no one seems to be taking up your offer, you may be wondering what you can do better. Selling your home, shop or any other space requires a little bit of ingenuity and effort. This is so that your property is able to stand out and be noticed.

Whether you’re a property owner or an agent, it’s important to use certain strategies that will help you sell better and faster. Here are some of those strategies:

1. Use Technology for Online Advertisements

In the past, advertisements about real estate were limited to the local newspaper and printed flyers. There was also a reliance on word of mouth and the hanging up of ‘for sale’ signs outside the house.

With the advent of the internet, you can now reach thousands of more people, even beyond the local community. Make sure that you put an ad about your property in as many online property websites as possible to increase visibility.

2. Include as Much Details as Possible

Your online real estate advertisements should contain as many details as possible. Let people know the exact size and location of your property. Tell them whether it’s fully or partially furnished, mention the amenities in the surrounding areas (including schools, shops, public transport, MRT stations and so on).

You don’t have to write a long winded essay despite needing to include information about the property. It’s best to keep things brief and to the point. This means that you’ll have to condense your information and convey them in as few words as possible.


3. The more Visuals, The Better

Research has shown that home ads that attract the most attention are those that have the most pictures. Try and place at least one picture of each room and space in the house. Ads with only the external view of the building tend to get fewer call backs and fewer clicks. Make sure the pictures are of high resolution as blurry pictures can really turn people off.

It’s even better if you can come up with a virtual tour to give potential buyers a full 360-degree view of the place. Virtual tours offer a three-dimensional experience that’s more immersive than just a set of 2D pictures. It’s the new age technology that’s transforming the real estate industry, making it more tangible and visible than before.


4. Keep it Clean

Send some time and keep your property clean and well maintained. Any interested party that comes to view your home will not be impressed with the layer of dust on the kitchen counter, bursts pipes of peeling walls. You can increase the chances of your property selling faster if the buyer is convinced that not much work has t be done on the home upon purchase. A rundown piece of property is more challenging to sell than one that’s clean and well maintained.


5. Pricing it Right

Do some online research and see what others are selling a similar property for. Try not to go too low or too high from this range or else buyers will become suspicious, making your property stay on the market longer. Here’s where prudent negotiation skills come in useful. You must be confident of what your property is worth, and at the same time not be dishonest. The usual strategy is to set your property price of about 10-15% above the price you want for it and shave off the excess later during the bargaining sessions.

Make your property stand out from the rest and you’ll find a buyer pretty soon. Don’t forget that technology is important and one way you can really be outstanding is to create a virtual tour of your space. We at SgPano are here to help you do exactly that and more with our easy to use virtual tour creation technology.