Virtual Tour Singapore – SGPano

1. Panoramic Picture Art

Smartphones are capable in taking neat panoramic shots. However the stitching procedure does come out a bit wonky. Well, with a 360 degree camera you can effortlessly take a panoramic shot without having to worry about the final result looking unpleasant. This has become a popular trend among many tourists and professionals.


2. Virtual Reality Technology

When it comes to Virtual Reality technology, 360 degree cameras always involved. A VR headset allows you to live through 360 degree footage and games, making your experience twice as much entertaining. This technology is now being implemented by property management companies as well, to give their customers the ability to view and visit properties virtually without having to be present there in real-time.


3. Dynamic Motion Time-lapse

A time-lapse video is basically when a long video is fast forwarded or sped through, to portray any changes or transformations.  While time-lapse is pretty cool independently, when paired with a 360 degree camera, the result is phenomenal.

The end result would be a time-lapse video that pans at different directions, providing you with a shifting panoramic time-lapse.