Virtual Tour Singapore – SGPano

Technology is a thing of wonder and it has transformed even the real estate industry. Just 5 years ago, advertisements of homes or other properties online were made up of words and static pictures. However, these pictures did not give a true impression of the property.

With just pictures, it could only provide a limited view of a building, and sometimes one would be shocked to learn that the building looks quite different in real life. Today however, there’s a technology that allows potential buyers to view the property inside out and even visit it virtually.

This technology is called a 360 degree virtual tour and its changing the way property is being marketed to buyers. If you find yourself interested in a property, here’s how to get the most out of your tour:

classic look home

1. View in High Definition (HD)

It’s best to view the virtual tour with a high definition screen, and view it from as far as possible, view it on a big screen on your PC or laptop rather than a mobile smartphone as bigger screens will allow you to view small details better. It also helps to have a high definition screen so that the colors are portrayed in the most accurate way possible.


2. A Stable Internet Connection

For a seamless tour, you should view the virtual tour with a high-speed internet connection that’s also stable. This will ensure that your tour proceeds smoothly and you won’t have to wait for the frames to load. Also, this will help you avoid lagging graphics that can distort the experience.


3. Decide What You Want to Know

Before beginning the virtual tour, ask yourself what details you want to find out. Do you want to know if the balcony is spacious enough for a deck chair? Would you like to determine whether the bathroom has a tub or a shower? Remember these details and write them down so that you can check on them as you navigate through the virtual tour.


4. Take Your Time

It is best to undertake a virtual property tour when you have enough time to spare so that you can experience the tour slowly and enjoy it to its fullest without having to rush around. There may be spaces or rooms that you may have missed out on, so make sure you do it in an atmosphere which is relaxed.


5. Note Your Questions

As you navigate through the virtual tour, there may be questions you’ll want to ask the real estate agent or the vendor. Note these questions down in your head (if you have a good memory), or do it the old-fashioned way and scribble the questions in a notepad or on your smartphone. This way, you can get even more information before you visit the property in person.

Virtual tours save you a lot of time and energy, and you’ll be able to glean so much more from virtual tours as it can function almost like a real site visit. As virtual property tours slowly become mainstream, you’ll now know how to properly get the most out of them and prepare yourself before everyone else.